Enduro Tires

Enduro tires are integral to the good performance of your dirt bike. A pair of good quality knobbed and dirt-chewing tires will not just improve traction and acceleration but also dramatically boost the general handling, bump absorption and cornering of your machine as like dual sport tires. A lot of brands are available on the market, one of the most popular being the Runway Enduro tires. However, you can easily find out more about a brand that you prefer by reading on Enduro tires reviews available online.

For those who are not familiar with the term, Enduro is a trail ride that is organized over a marked track. The event tests the mental and physical capability of the rider as well as the dependability of the machine. These factors are matched against a prearranged course that should be followed with controlled time constraints.

The Enduro machine on the other hand is a bike that is especially constructed for the event, which originally was a cross country time trial held over long distances. Just like Enduro tires motorcycle, designs that are made for Enduros vary according to the guidelines of different challenges and competitions.

Enduro tires are available in different sizes, colors, rubber compounds, tread patterns and shapes. Choosing the best tire for a particular riding condition is essential. However, this was made easier by the labels which are conveniently incorporated on the tires, denoting the kind of terrain that a tire has been designed for. Among them are:

  • Hard Terrain – these tires are designed for dry and hard terrain, and are usually constructed from outer, soft rubber compound designed to give additional grip in hard terrain. The thread knobs are spaced close to each other.
  • Soft Terrain – Enduro tires labeled soft terrain are designed for muddy, soft, sandy and loamy conditions. The rubber material is hard and the thread knobs are taller and look like scoops or paddles. There are wide spaces in between knobs, allowing mud to be thrown off the tires and preventing the gaps from being clogged. The front tire would have spiky knobs.
  • Intermediate Terrain – these tires are made for various conditions that are between soft and hard trails. These tires may be a good choice if you will be riding in areas that are composed of different land types such as bush trails.
  • Paddle Tires – for hardcore sand riders, these tires are the best choice. They are designed for pure sand riding. The tire is made with big rubber scoops that are spaced far apart to provide the best traction in sand dunes. However, these tires are not good for any other terrain.

If you are going to ride in mud or sand, decrease the air pressure of your Enduro tires to about 10 psi for the rear tire and 11 to 12 psi for the front. This would give the tires more surface area to come in contact with the ground, allowing better grip. If you will be going over branches, stones and other similar terrains, increase the pressure to about 13 or 14 psi. If you are running on low pressure on such terrains, you could damage the rims or puncture the enduro tires as like radial tires.